Covered in snow



Playing around with Photoshop – Double Expose

This is probably one of the most made effects with photoshop. I always wanted to try it but somehow the pictures never turned out that good. After watching a good Youtube video I tried it again and the final result was awesome. I made some more and had a lot of fun making them. Tell me what you think of them in the comments.


My Summer 2016 – OnePlus 2 Edition

This summer was the shortest one I have ever had. As I was graduating from school and I had my final exams at the end of June, there wasn’t a lot of time to enjoy this summer.

After finishing my exams on July 4th I took a week off to go hiking. Then work kept me busy until last Saturday. I also had to work every second Sunday, which meant there wasn’t a lot of time left to go hiking. Now I really love hiking and just spending time in the mountains. Still I spent every free day in the mountains and I also took some cool pictures.

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Exploring Schlern – Seiser Alm

The dolomits are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. When you grow up in the mountains you sometimes have to change perspective to appriciate them as much as others. You have to be a tourist for a day and go exploring where you never have been before. This time we jumped in our car and went to Seiser Alm – Alpe di Siusi to explore a new place, where we haven’t been before.
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