About ME


Hello my name is Kathrin. I’m 19 years old, which basically means I’m on this planet for already 20 years. Crazy, ha? But wait, where were we? Oh yeah exactly facts about me. I’m living in South Tyrol, a small region in the north of Italy. I still believe it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Now if you think I’m wrong you should check out my photos of the dolomits.

I think we covered all the basic facts so now we go on to the more exciting things.


When I was 3 years old my father learned me how to ski. Since then I’m in love. You can probably say I haven’t stop skiing since I had them on for the first time 16 years ago. As I was getting older I also started ski racing. At first I was quite good but then I came to the point where I realised that it’s better if I stop now, before I start hating the sport. I stopped ski racing, but oh no I didn’t stop skiing. In winter 2016 I started working as a ski instructor. Now all the math geeks should already know how old I was, when I started teaching other people how to ski and for all the others out there, don’t worry. I was 18 years old, quite young some of you might say, but I’m skiing since I was born (not really, but it sounds good). I really enjoy teaching and I just love working outside everyday and being able to earn money with skiing.


Ok so that was my first big hobby. Now we go on with the hobby, which made me create this blog.


I remember always loving photography. When I was younger I was stealing my parents camera and taking photos. The passion for photography comes from the brother of my grandfather, who’s my great-uncel but I don’t think you are really intrested in my family background. He took a lot of pictures, when he was younger and little fun fact I have two of his cameras, which are 60 years old. They are standing above my bed and not working, but they look really vintage. In 2013 I bought myself a Canon EOS 600D and yes I spend my very own money. Since then I am taking photographs all the time. Sometimes it really upsets my family because they have to wait until I took my picture but to be honest I don’t care. Over the years my equipment grew and I bought new lenses. If you want to know what I am using click HERE.

Some years ago I started blogging. After reading some blogs I decided that I can do it myself. I always liked writing and compining that with photography I had a lot of fun with my first blog. After changing it quite some times, from a photography blog to a lifestyle blog and then launching a new one, I finally created this blog. Finding the right purpose for my blog took me some years.

I really hope you like this blog as much as I do. Don’t be shy and leave me a comment. Make sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram. And always remember: Be nice and spread love ♥


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